How to install Windows 7


This app review the tutorial Learn to reinstall the computer using Windows 7 operating system is easy and fast, with a language that is easily understood, especially for beginners and equipped with guided imagery.

The discussion in this App contains:

>Preparation before installation
>Knowing The Requitments Computer System
>How to install with USB driver
>Learn To Open The BIOS / UEFI Setup Program
>How to convert GPT disk to MBR disk
>List the key buttons unlock BIOS/UEFI for each computer
>Learn Hard Drive Partitioned
>Start the installation process
>Installing The Driver Software
>Driver Software problems and solutions
>Install The Application
>And surrounding the troubleshoothing of some of the problems that often occur on the computer.

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This application is NOT a Microsoft or Windows ® product and is not affiliated with Microsoft or Windows ®.
This application is only a tutorial for reinstalling the operating system like other general tutorials.